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MBM 2 Piece Muzzle Brakes

$125.00 - $220.00
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Beast 2 piece brakes

  Here is a little run down on how brakes work and why mine are more effective.....gases from a rifle typically exit the muzzle following the bullet but dissipate rapidly when they exit the barrel because of how light they are. A muzzle brake redirects those gases to reduce the recoil. Brakes that have baffles/holes angled forward are less effective then those that are 90 degrees to the bullet travel and those that angle back are more effective then those at 90 degrees. If you squirt a garden hose into your hand with your fingers barely bent it hardly deflects the water. As you bend your fingers more it "grabs" more water. When you make a full cup out of your hand it captures the most water. Muzzle brakes work the same way. My brakes are more effective because the ports are angled back towards the shooter capturing the most gas and using it to pull the rifle forward. While no brake is really ear safe, brakes like mine, can be even harder on the ears because of how the gases/concussion are redirected. They do not change the decible level of the gun but it changes where that noise goes, like changing the direction of the water in the example above, which appears to make the brake louder. I do not recommend shooting any brake without hearing protection as they WILL cause hearing damage no matter the angle of the ports. Loud is loud and guns are loud enough to cause hearing damage without a brake. The up side to having the ports out to the side or back towards the shooter is that game animals have a harder time locating where the shot came from and many times they will run towards you. If you want to shoot without hearing protection I highly suggest purchasing a suppressor as muzzle brakes are not hearing safe.  

I've had a bunch of people wanting to buy smaller 2 piece brakes. Here is the deal....the 2 piece brakes have inside and OUTSIDE threads so they can't be made small like a 1 piece brake. You have to have enough metal between the 2 threads to not blow the brake apart. That means the diameter has to be bigger. The Lil Beast II brakes are ONLY available in 9/16x24 NOT 5/8x24. The Beast II brakes are ONLY available in 5/8x24. The new caps I made for the Beast II brakes are the same diameter as the brake. So they now look the same as all the other 2 piece brakes


Beast II

The 3 port version is 2.3" long (fully collapsed), 1.01" OD for the brake and the cap, and comes in 5/8x24 threads. I will try to update the picture soon. The caps are now smooth with the body like the other 5 self timed brakes. The back of the cap is tapered to .940". These weigh 4.2 oz.

The 4 port version is 2.76" long (fully collapsed), 1.01" for the brake and the cap, and come in 5/8x24 and 11/16x24 threads. The back of the cap is tapered to .940". These weigh 4.9 oz.

The 5 port version is 3.2" long (fully collapsed). The cap and the brake are the same 1.01" diameter.


Big Beast II

I have these in 3 ports in 3/4x24 and M18x1. They are 1.1" OD and 2.38" long.

I also make these in 5 ports with 5/8x24, 3/4x20, 3/4x24, and M18x1. They are 1.1" OD and 3.28" long.


Super Beast II

The Super Beast II brakes are 1.260" OD and are available in 5/8x24 and 3/4x24. They are also available with 2 different caps. One has a very slight edge break to work on 1.25" barrels and the other is a hex machined cap for use with a wrench. The wrench flat brakes are tapered to 1.175. All of the caps can be tapered as small as .820 for 5/8x24 and .940 for 3/4x24. The wrench flat cap adds 10.00 to the cost.

The 3 ports are 145.00. They weigh 8.6oz and are 2.61" long

The 5 ports are 160.00 with smooth caps. They are 3.63" long and weigh 10.6oz.


Ti Beast II

All of the Ti Beast 2 piece brakes are only available in 5/8x24 threads. They are .990" OD. 

The Ti Beast 2 piece 3 ports weigh 2.4oz and are 2.4" long.

The Ti Beast 2 piece 4 ports weigh 2.7oz and are 2.85" long.

The Ti Beast 2 piece5 ports weigh 3oz and are 3.29" long.