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  • Lightweight muzzle Brake ts customs ghost - BrakeTSC-GhostMBL

    TS Customs Ghost Muzzle Brake

    The new TS Customs Ghost Muzzle Brake! Made of a hard 7000 Series Aluminum and Type 3 Hard Anodized, these two piece self timing brakes are the absolute lightest brakes we've tried coming in around an Ounce. They come in two different diameters and match...

  • MBM Beast Brake 2 Piece

    MBM 2 Piece Muzzle Brakes

    Beast 2 piece brakes   Here is a little run down on how brakes work and why mine are more effective.....gases from a rifle typically exit the muzzle following the bullet but dissipate rapidly when they exit the barrel because of how light...

    $125.00 - $220.00
  • Hawkins Tank Brake - HKP-TANKMB-30cal Hawkins Tank Brake - HKP-TANKMB-30cal

    Hawkins Precision - Tank Self-Timing Muzzle Brakes

    Hawkins Precision’s Tank ST is a self-timing, 4 port muzzle brake designed to greatly reduce recoil for precision rifle applications. The Tank ST features a self-timing, locking collar design made in collaboration with Greg Young at Southern Precision...

4 of 4 Items