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  • XLR-Element4.0-Magnesium XLR-Element4.0-Magnesium XLR Element 4.0 Chassis

    XLR Element 4.0 Chassis

    ELEMENT 4.0 ALUMINUM RIFLE CHASSIS The new Element 4.0 chassis system is the ultimate culmination of function, flexibility, and price. Whether your needs call for a hunting, target, or precision rifle competition, the Element 4.0 covers all your bases...

    $300.00 - $677.00
  • XLR Chassis Thumbrest - xlr-thumb-rest

    XLR Adjustable Thumb Rest

    The thumb rest allows a solid and repeatable rest for the shooters thumb when shooting with a thumb-forward grip. The thumb rest is ambidextrous and is adjustable for angle and length. Mounting provisions for the thumb rest are provided at no charge upon...

4 of 4 Items