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ARC M-BRACE Scope Mount

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M-BRACE is The Ultimate Scope Mounting System.

M-BRACE is derived from a first principle approach to defining and solving the problem of securely attaching high-precision optical devices to a high-precision rifle.

The M-BRACE Scope Mount boasts a serrated interface to which the M-BRACE LRF (Laser Range Finder) Mount can be securely attached.

Even under heavy recoil, the serrations immobilize the connection between the scope mount and the LRF mount so you can be sure that alignment between your scope and ranging or targeting device remains uncompromised.

Inspired by Hirth couplings used for high power transmission in gas turbines and for high precision assembly in machine tools, the serrations are machined into both sides of the strongest portion of the M-BRACE Scope Mount. In fact, the placement of the serrations takes full advantage of the structural system resulting from cooperation among the mount, receiver, and scope. Thus, recoil forces are symmetrically and efficiently transferred through this structural system and distributed into the rifle receiver.

The distribution of recoil forces is important because they can be quite high and significantly stress the scope mounting system. Consider the Wilcox Raptor weighing almost 500 grams (1.1 pounds). The preferred mounting location of this device is above the forward end of the scope. Due to inertia and recoil, forces can easily exceed 900 N (200 lbs). If these forces are to be transferred through the scope mount and into to the rifle, well-designed connections and symmetry should be used to distribute and to minimize the resulting stress within the mount and within the scope.

The recoil forces are not concentrated in any one portion of the M-BRACE Scope Mount, or even worse, into a single scope ring cap, as is the case with competing products. Nor are they applied asymmetrically into the mount as is the case with another competitor.

No other system currently available provides for a connection between a scope mount and an LRF mount as securely and effectively as does the M-BRACE. Nothing is even close.

The M-BRACE Scope Mounting System embodies an evolutionary step taken from our successful M10 Scope Rings that have served thousands of riflemen for over a decade. It is an engineered product standing alone in stark contrast to the conveniently designed gadgets for which engineering was never a consideration.

NOTE: When attached to the far aft recoil slot in the picatinny rail on an action with 90 degree bolt rotation, the 32mm height M-BRACE serrated interface block may interfere with the bolt handle when opened. This issue can usually be avoided by moving the mount forward 1 slot in the picatinny rail.

Torque spec: 6.2 Nm (55 in-lbs) on scope clamp and rail mount screws.

Torque spec: 3.4 Nm (30 in-lbs) on bubble level screw.